Province of Chennai
Province of Chennai

Parish Feast at St. Antony’s Church, Trisulam, Chennai

Trisulam, Chennai, June 2024– The vibrant and spiritually enriching Parish Feast at St. Antony’s Church, Trisulam, concluded with great fervor and devotion. The festivities, spanning from 1st to 14th June 2024, witnessed a significant turnout of parishioners and visitors who participated in the various religious activities organized by the church.

Novena Masses and Rosary

The feast commenced on 1st June 2024 with novena masses that were held daily until 10th June 2024. Each evening began with the recitation of the rosary, setting a prayerful tone for the novena masses that followed. The devout participation of the faithful highlighted their deep reverence and dedication.

Main Events:-
June 11th: Flag Hoisting and Mass

The main celebrations began on June 11th with the solemn flag hoisting ceremony, marking the official start of the feast. This event was followed by a mass celebrated by Fr. Sathish, the Parish Priest of St. Vincent Pallotti Parish. The ceremony infused the community with a sense of unity and spiritual awakening.

June 12th: Special Novena Mass and Eucharistic Blessing

On June 12th, a special novena mass was conducted, which included an inspiring Eucharistic blessing by Claretian priests at Claret Niraivagam, Trisulam. The faithful gathered in large numbers to receive the blessings and partake in the solemn celebrations.

June 13th: Feast Mass and Car Procession

The feast day on June 13th was the highlight of the celebrations. Fr. Consus CMF led the feast mass, which was further enriched by a meaningful homily preached by Fr. Kulandai Yesu Rajan CMF. The mass saw the participation of Claretian priests from various Claretian communities, including Claretian Provincial House in Tambaram, Claret Anbagam in Thiruninravur, and Claret Niraivagam in Trisulam, who con-celebrated the mass. The day culminated with a grand car procession, a traditional and much-anticipated event that brought the community together in a display of faith and devotion.

June 14th: Closing Mass and Flag Lowering

The celebrations concluded on June 14th with a mass celebrated by Fr. Susai Arul Praveen. Following the mass, the flag was ceremoniously lowered, marking the end of the feast. The event left the parishioners spiritually enriched and looking forward to the next year’s celebrations.

The Parish Feast at St. Antony’s Church, Trisulam, was a remarkable event filled with religious fervor, community spirit, and deep faith. It not only provided an opportunity for spiritual renewal but also strengthened the bonds within the community. The organizers and participants alike look forward to continuing this cherished tradition in the years to come.

Reported by
Fr. Kulandai Yesu Rajan CMF

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