Province of Chennai
Province of Chennai

Fr. Dirnberger Illam, Karumathur

Status : House
Foundation : 2017
Diocese : Archdiocese of Madurai
Specific Apostolate : Education

Fr. Dirnberger Illam, Karumathur is located in the rural setting of Madurai, Tamil Nadu. It is 24 kilometers away from Madurai. It was attached community to Claret Bhavan, Karumathur in 2017. It was canonically erected as ‘Residence’ on 20th March 2018. It is now erected canonically to the status of ‘House’ on 16th October, 2020. The main apostolate of the community is education. Generally the people in this area were largely backward caste people.

The community of this area was known as ‘Piranmalai Kallar’. The rate of literacy was very low. Earlier history shows that female infanticide was the burning issue of this community. To eradicate this social evil of this area, the Claretian Missionaries started St. Claret Primary School on 5th July 1982.

It was the first school of Claretians in India. According to the need of the time and people, St. Claret Nursery & Primary School (English Medium) was begun in the year 2005. The community now administers three schools.

The community now administers three schools. The total strength of the schools are given below as in 2019:

1. St. Claret Primary School (Tamil Medium) : 180
2. St. Claret Hr. Sec. School (Tamil Medium) : 1370
3. St. Claret Nursery & Primary School (English Medium) : 374