Province of Chennai
Province of Chennai

Claretian Family

The Claretian Family is made-up of a group of congregations and institutions which have Saint Anthony Mary Claret as their Founder, or who share his spirit, and together we continue the mission for which the Holy Spirit sustains it in the Church.

Religious of Mary Immaculate Claretian Missionary Sisters

founded by Saint Anthony Mary Claret and Mother Maria Antonia París in Cuba, n 1855.

Secular Institute “Cordimarian Filiation

founded by Saint Anthony Mary Claret in 1847, organized in Plasencia (Cáceres, Spain) in 1943 and approved as a Secular Institute of Pontifical Right in 1973.(

Lay Claretian Movement

inspired by a project of Saint Anthony Mary Claret, in 1846, approved by the Pontifical Council for the Laity in 1988.

Missionary Sisters of Mary Immaculate

founded in 1909 by Rev. Fr. Armengol Coll, CMF, Apostolic Vicar of Equitorial Guinea, and Mother Imelda Makole.

Cordimarian Missionary Sisters

founded in México in 1921 by Fr. Julián Collell, CMF and Mother Carmen Serrano. (

Missionary Sisters of the Claretian Institution

founded in Vic (Spain) in 1951 by Fr. Luis Pujol, CMF and Mother Mary Dolores Solá. (

Missionary Sisters of Saint Anthony Mary Claret

founded in 1958 in Londrina (Paraná – Brazil) by Rev. Fr. Geraldo Fernandes, CMF, Archbishop of that city, and Mother Leonia Mílito. (