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Province of Chennai

New Buds at St. Claret Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Thiruninravur.

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In a heartwarming ceremony, St. Claret Matriculation Higher Secondary School welcomed 113 new students to their Lower Kindergarten (LKG) program. The new arrivals were greeted with great enthusiasm and a festive atmosphere, marking the beginning of their educational journey.

The event saw the participation of approximately 2000 students from various grades who gathered to extend a warm welcome to the newest members of the school community. The existing students clapped in unison and played drums, creating a vibrant and joyous environment that resonated throughout the school premises.

As part of the traditional welcoming ceremony, the young students were adorned with makeup, enhancing the festive spirit of the occasion. They participated in the age-old custom of writing their first alphabets in rice, symbolizing the start of their academic pursuits. This ritual, steeped in tradition, holds significant cultural value and is believed to bring good luck and prosperity in their learning journey.

Parents of the new LKG students expressed their happiness and satisfaction with the school management. The thoughtful and grand welcoming event underscored the school’s commitment to creating a nurturing and inclusive environment for its students. Many parents highlighted the seamless organization of the event and the warm reception their children received as key factors contributing to their positive impression of the school.

St. Claret Matriculation Higher Secondary School continues to uphold its tradition of excellence and community spirit, ensuring that every new student feels valued and supported from the very beginning of their educational experience.

Reported by
Fr. Kulandai Yesu Rajan CMF

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