Province of Chennai
Province of Chennai

Retreat at Claret Bhavan, Karumathur

The Brothers at Claret Bhavan in Karumathur are immersed in their annual retreat, which spans from June 10 to June 15. This spiritual retreat is being led by Rev. Fr. Anselmus CMF, the esteemed Director of Ashram. Throughout this period, the brothers are engaged in a variety of enriching activities designed to deepen their spiritual journey.

The retreat is structured to include daily prayers that foster a deep connection with God, guided meditations on the Word of God to provide spiritual insights and reflections, and sharing sessions where participants discuss various means to grow in holiness. These discussions are aimed at helping each brother enhance his spiritual practices and commitment to their faith.

The community at Claret Bhavan invites everyone to pray for the success of this retreat, hoping it will bring profound spiritual growth and renewed dedication to their mission.

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