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Province of Chennai

MANITHAM LIFE CARE Conducts Addiction Awareness Programme at St. Joseph’s Hr. Sec. School and Servite Generalate in Chennai

MANITHAM LIFE CARE, a de-addiction ministry based in Dindigul, organized a comprehensive Addiction Awareness Programme on June 19, 2024, at St. Joseph’s Higher Secondary School, Soosaipuram, Chennai. The event aimed to educate students and staff about the dangers and effects of addiction. The programme was spearheaded by Fr. Joseph Victor Doss CMF.

The event focused on several key areas:

1. Understanding Addiction as a Disease: Fr. Joseph Victor Doss began by explaining the nature of addiction, emphasizing that it is a disease affecting both physical and mental health. He provided insights into how addiction can alter brain function and lead to harmful behaviors.

2. Physical and Mental Effects of Addiction: The presentation highlighted the severe consequences of addiction on both the body and mind. The effects range from physical health problems to mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety.

3. Short Movies: To enhance understanding, various short films were shown. These visual aids illustrated the real-life impact of addiction and the struggles of those who are addicted.

4. Identifying and Assisting Addicted Individuals: Fr. Joseph Victor Doss offered practical advice on how to recognize signs of addiction and ways to support individuals battling addiction. This segment aimed to equip teachers and students with the tools to help peers who might be struggling.

5. Addiction to Social Media, Mobile Phones, Tea/Coffee and Video Games: In recognition of contemporary issues, the programme also addressed addictions to digital media. The session discussed the addictive nature of social media, mobile phone usage, Regular drinking of Coffee/Tea and video games, which are prevalent among teenagers.

A total of 206 participants attended the morning session, including 14 teachers and 192 students (140 boys and 52 girls). The interactive format encouraged active participation and engagement from the audience.

Later in the evening, the same programme was conducted for the Sisters of the Servite Generalate in Nungambakkam, Chennai. Fifteen sisters participated in this session, which mirrored the morning’s topics and discussions.

MANITHAM LIFE CARE’s initiative aims to raise awareness and provide education on addiction, helping communities to better understand and combat this pervasive issue. The sessions were well-received, with participants expressing a newfound awareness and understanding of addiction and its implications.

Reported by:
Fr. Kulandai Yesu Rajan CMF
Claretian Communications, Chennai.


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