Province of Chennai
Province of Chennai


The Province day celebration was begun at 9.00 am with the enthronement of the Bible by Rev. Fr. Anselmus CMF. Followed by Prayer song was sung. Fr. Provincial welcomed the members of the Province and inaugurated the meeting. Then he introduced the resource persons of the day namely Dr. Lourdunadhan and Dr. M.D. Paul. Fr. V. Michael Francis CMF, the Prefect of Apostolate came to the forum and initiated the session saying “an unexamined life is not worth living and it is an examination we cannot pay someone else to take for us”. He said that the team was formed for the evaluation on the ministries of the Province from the time of our presence in Tamil Nadu. It goes back to the year 1976. The team consists of Dr. Lourdhunathan, Dr. M. D. Paul and Fr. V. Michael Francis CMF. The purpose of the evaluation is to find out the effectiveness, impact, contribution and relevance of Claretian apostolate in Chennai province. Impact study method was used for the evaluation.

The major themes of the evaluation:

Dr. Lourdhunadhan was called to the forum to give the input on Claretian Apostolic Perspectives and Praxis – An Analysis. He raised the questions, who we were in the past? And who are we now? And who we will be in the future? He said that the objective of the evaluation is to retreat, recollect, review and relearn collectively and to forge. Evaluation also is to identify the areas of our strength and weakness. He asked to find out the effectiveness, impact and relevance of Claretian apostolate.

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