Province of Chennai
Province of Chennai

Deceased Members-Devadoss

Fr. A. Devadoss CMF
Born : December 24th 1953 in Alambakkam, Tamilnadu.
First Profession. : May 31st 1979
Perpetual Profession : May 31st 1983
Priestly Ordination : May 4th 1985

When we received the sad news of the unexpected death of Fr. A. Devadoss CMF, on 28th May 2019, the members of the province were indeed shocked and dumbfounded. Many of them loved him so much and enjoyed his company.

His parents did not have a child for a couple of years; hence they begged God to have a son. And God was generous enough to give him as the eldest son among the five children of the family. After his college studies, his parents were thinking of getting a job and arranging the marriage for him. But the God who was instrumental in giving him generously to the family wanted him to dedicate his life for His mission. Sensing God’s call, Fr. A. Devadoss expressed his desire to become priest in a Religious Congregation. But it was a real shock and astonishment especially for their parents. Although they initially could not accept his option, finally they made up their mind to support him to become a Clatetian.

He joined Postulancy at Claret Bhavan, Karumathur in 1977. He completed his philosophical studies from 1979 to 1981 in Arulandar College, Claret Bhavan, Karumathur, Tamilnadu and did his theological studies from 1981 to 1985 in St. Peter’s Pontifical Institute, Claretian Seminary, Bengaluru, Karnataka. When he was doing his theology he received disheartening news that his father was diagnosed with stomach cancer. In those moments as the eldest son he was expected to look after his father and above all the family. After a year he lost his father. However, as St. Claret said nothing daunts a Claretian, he was very much firm in continuing his religious and priestly vocation. In 1985 he was ordained as priest along with a Claretian (Fr. Packianathan) and a Carmelite.

When we analyze his life, we can say that he lived his life happily and joyfully. By nature he was a very humorous person and used to make others cheerful with his adult content. He was gifted with multiple talents and capabilities. He was an excellent preacher. People appreciated his Tamil homilies and talks which were transmitted in a Catholic TV. He also travelled to other countries to preach. Like St. Paul and St. Claret who were impelled by the love of God to preach the Good News, he too had a special thirst for preaching the Word of God.

He was also considered to be a very good Teacher. He went to almost all the major seminaries in Tamil Nadu to take classes on different topics. The seminarians used to appreciate his classes and were very much enthusiastic in attending his classes. He is very much known among the young priests of Tamil Nadu. Besides he was regularly taking classes in different religious Institutes even outside of Tamil Nadu to the postulants, novices, and those religious who were preparing for their final preparation. He had the habit of updating his insight and knowledge with regards to the subjects that he was dealing with.

He was equally busy in conducting seminars, retreats, counseling, and workshops to different categories of people like teenagers, adults, those who are preparing for their marriage, married couples, and elderly persons. He too was organizing courses on how to deal with Middle Life Crisis to both religious and married people. He was all the more interested in reflexology, Varma, Siddha medicines. He showed interest in promoting alternative medicines to the people.

He is known for establishing relationship with the people. He made use of the relational names in initiating contact with them. And the people were simply taken up and fascinated by the way he was talking to them. They were feeling extremely happy to share even the confidential matters with him. Language was not at all a problem for him. He could establish contact with different categories of people. When they heard the news of his death they could not accept it and started to grumble against God. As he wished his death captured him while he was on his mission ignoring his health condition.

As priest, he was assigned with diverse responsibilities which he carried out faithfully and successfully.

1985-1986 : Prefect of minor seminary, Claret Bhavan, Karumathur.
1986-1988 : Prefect of Philosophy students, Parish Priest of Karumathur, Director of mercy home, Correspondent of Claret School, Claret Bhavan, Karumathur.
1988-1989 : Vocation Promoter, Claret Illam, Kumbakonam
1989-1993 : Parish Priest, Holy Family Mission, Ettamadai.
1993-1995 : Studies, Claretian House, Manila.
1995-1997 : Superior, Claret Nivas, Barrackpore.
1997-1999: : Prefect of Apostolate, Amarda road, Orissa.
1999-2003 : Superior, LIFE, Dindigul.
(June – Oct 17th 2003: Parish Priest, Holy Family Mission, Ettamadai)
2003-(Oct18th) – 2006 : Superior, Parish Priest, Lady of Snow Mission, Thadikarankonam.
2006 – 2010 : Vicar, LIFE, Dindigul.
2010 – 2013 : Vicar, Claret Premnivas, Yercaud.
2013 – 2016 : Vicar & Preaching Mission, Yercaud
2016 – 2019 : Superior, Casa Claret, Kanyakumari.