Province of Chennai
Province of Chennai

1849 – 2023


The Claretian Provincial House, Chennai gracefully celebrated the 175th anniversary of the foundation of our Congregation on 16th July 2023. To show the solidarity to the people of Manipur, India, the celebration was very simple. The main reflection on the day was “fidelity to the spirit of the Father Claret. It was reflected in three levels of gratitude, harmony and mission of Claretians in the Congregation. Every Claretian needs to have strategy to follow faithfully the charism of our Congregation. The call of present scenario to us as Claretians is not to focus too much on the outcome or results of our actions but to focus mainly on the needs of the mission.


The 175th Foundation Day Celebration Our Beloved Congregation!

On 16th July 2023 at 10.45 am, we gathered at Claret Aham, Sambai, premise along with the parishners, especially President, Secretary, Treasurer and Catechist of Sambai, K K Pattinam, Soliakudi and Puthupattinam respectively for a prayer service. It was a moment of grace and gratitude for us to revisit the glorious history of the Claretian Congregation and it’s ministry in the Church. We had a soulful sharing and reflection on the Word of God, fraternal conversation regarding God’s role and guidance in the life and ministry of the Congregation globally and in the context of Sambai Mission. People were very open and candid in sharing their impression about the Claretian presence in Sambai. We entrusted the Claretian Congregation at the feet of the Lord through spontaneous intercession and earnestly sought the protection and the maternal care of Our Blessed Mother. 

At the end we had fraternal meal with the participants, Priests and Nuns from the neighbouring Parishes. 

May His name be glorified and may Our Beloved Congregation be Blessed…